We are a group of young people who have all engaged in voluntary civil service and/or have attended local Youth Centres. Some of us have also been involved in volunteering unrelated to national civil service.
Whilst engaged in Voluntary Civil Service with the Municipality of Taggia, two of us made the suggestion to town management that a call for tender aimed at encouraging youth activities related to promoting our district be used to make the numerous historical and cultural sites on our territory more accessible and well known.

Our project

The project “A Future from the Past” was born: it is a project aimed at recommending a number of interesting sites to share a part of our rich local historical heritage with people and encourage them to visit and experience these places, the colours and smells of the area for themselves, thus complementing Taggia’s famous seaside tourism.

The initial idea of the project was for us to personally be present on site at these attractions, to facilitate visits for anyone interested. The pandemic forced us to rethink everything, as organising visits was no longer possible. We then thought about developing multimedia materials (text, pictures, and videos) that would allow everybody to get to know these places and their history, using the Internet as a way of reaching people.

While we were preparing the material that can be found here, we ourselves realised just how many wonders our territory has to offer, many of which we were not aware of before. We hope that by visiting this website, you will be able to gain an appreciation for this artistic, historical, and cultural patrimony as well.


We would like to thank the Municipality of Taggia for its support and encouragement throughout the course of this initiative, particularly A. Longhi, the Social Services offices coordinated by I. Natta, Mayor M. Conio, and the members of the Municipal Council who supported the project. A further thanks goes to the Liguria Region for having financed the project through the call for tender “PARTECIPO, IMPARO, MI DIVERTO #GIOVANILIGURIA” (“I TAKE PART, I LEARN, I HAVE FUN”) – Public notice for the implementation of Intervention 1 “Partecipo anch’io!” (National Fund for Youth Policies, 2019).

Finally, we would like to thank the social cooperative, L’Ancora, for having worked alongside us in the realisation of this project.